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Gaming Resources

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The Following Gaming Consoles, Games and peripheral equipment are available for use by member libraries:


Nintendo Wii


1 Console (game box, connectors, sensor, power cord)


2 Controllers

1 Nunchuck


2 Guitar Hero Guitars (do not work with Rock Band)

2 Rock Band Guitars (do not work with Guitar Hero), Rock Band Microphone, Rock Band Drumset


2 Wii Wheels


Wii Games

1 Guitar Hero World Tour game disc (with 2 guitars)

1 Rock Band 2 Game disc (with 2 guitars, drum set, microphone)

1 Wii Sports Game disc


Sony Playstation 2


1 Console (game box, power cord)

2 Game Controller


2 Guitars for Guitar Hero

2 Dance Pads for Dance Dance Revolution


PS2 Games


Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

Guitar Hero 2

Karaoke Revolution Party (with Microphone)

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Madden NFL 07

NBA Live 07

Katamar Damancy

SmackDown vrs Raw


To request any of the above equipment, give John (231-3260)  a call to make arrangements.







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