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Westchester's Choice 2011

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 Add your favorite YA titles of 2010.  Include a brief annotation and your name/library.


Going Blue: a Teen Guide to Saving our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands by Cathryn Berger Kaye and Philippe Cousteau.

A brief, well illustrated book that contains lots of good facts and - most importantly - empowers and encourages young readers to act. No gloom and doom here! Instead, there are lots of examples of kids acting to improve their local communities and their world. Will be attractive and useful to kids as young as middle school, but there are plenty of tips for high school kids, as well.

Mary Johnson, Armonk


Pegasus by Robin McKinley

At 12, Princess Sylvii is to be bound to her Pegasus; the two adolescents should be friends and helpmates. But the species, though friendly to each other, are so different that they can barely communicate. So it's  a shock when Ebon and Sylvii understand each other at once. What does it mean that Sylvii and Ebon can speak, mind to mind? Why is the magician Fthoom so enraged at Sylvii? This is the first half of a long and complex story, and it may be McKinley's best book since Beauty. Junior HIgh and up.

Mary Johnson, Armonk


Stork by Wendy Delsol

Katia, 17, is far from thrilled at having to move from LA to her mom's tiny hometown in northern Minnesota. But things get really weird when the old lady across the street invites her to her basement and informs her she is a member of the Stork society. The Stork Society consists of a bunch of old Icelandic ladies who think they can predict - and even influence - which unborn child should go to which mother. For Katia, life is complicated enough without dealing with mystic Icelandic powers. A funny, fast paranormal romance (2 boys are interested in Katia, and one of them is bad news) that will appeal to Junior high and high school readers.

Mary Johnson, Armonk.


Sapphique, by Catherine Fisher

Finn has escaped from the living prison, Incarceron, but his oath-brother Kiero and the slave girl Attia are still trapped inside. In the realm, Finn, Claudia and Jared also have to deal with schemes on their lives, while the prison itself has its own plans and dreams. Like Incarceron, a powerful and deeply imaginative story with elements of SF and fantasy. A must-read for teens who enjoyed the first book. High school to adult, though advanced Junior High readers who enjoy speculative fiction would love it, too.

Mary Johnson, Armonk




I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

Teenager, John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. Dead bodies are normal to John, having grown up working and living above the town's funeral home. He likes them, actually. A recent rash of killings in his small home town and his fascination with the killer leads him to launch his own investigation of sorts-- one that leads him to the identity of the murderer. Part 1 of a Trilogy.   E. McTyre MPL


Folly by Marthe Jocelyn

A parallel narrative set in late 19th-century England, teenaged country girl Mary Finn realtes the unhappy conclusion to her experiences as a young servant in an aristocratic London household while, years later, young James Nelligan describes how he comes to leave his beloved foster family to live and be educated at London's famous Foundling Hospital. E. McTyre. MPL


Finding My Place by Traci L. Jones

1975: All people are created equal unless you are the only Black girl in a high school full of Barbies. Tiphanie is miserable until she meets Jackie Sue, who may be blonde, but is no barbie, infact she is self-proclaimed trash. So what if she has some secrets, she is a real friend. At that moment Tiphanie didn't care about the progress of the race or being an upstanding Afro-American citizen. She didn't ask for this, her parents thrust it upon her. E. McTyre. MPL


White Horse Trick by Kate Thompson

The effects of weather change mean ecological disaster for Ireland and a hopeless situation for all of humanity.  The only help may have to come from the other Tir Na 'Nog.   John Sexton. WLS.


YOU by Charles Benoit

We all have a weak spot that can be manipulated by people like Zach who entertains himself with the pain he invites upon others.  Kyle believes it can't happen to him.  He is wrong.  JS. WLS


Folly by Marthe Jocelyn 

Mary Finn finds Caden Tucker irressistible her mistake changes her life.  When she gives up her baby boy to a foundling home in London she doesn't expect to see him again.  A unique story told in three voices. JS. WLS


Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi 

Set in a post-petroleum future when scuttled oil tankers litter the coast where children strip them for their only remaining value - copper wiring - Nailer finds a clipper ship which is a mother lode of salvageable material.  But its most precious cargo may be the young girl who is the sole survivor of the shipwreck.  JS. WLS


Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Every choice has consequences and sometimes we need several chances to get it right.  JS. WLS


Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

A debut reminiscent of Peter Jackson's film Heavenly Creatures where a deep friendship tips into twisted complexities of cruelty following complex story lines of past, present and future to a tense ending that will both sadden and satisfy.  Katherine has changed her name to avoid the horrowing guilt she carries after her sister's deadly rape and her escape to freedom until she meets Alice who brings happiness with a price.  The plot includes sexuality, murder and pregnancy suited for mature readers.  K. Colquitt GRE


They Called Themselves the K.K.K. by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

A chilling account of the origins and bloody history of the Ku Klux Klan.  JS. WLS.


The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin by Josh Berk

Will decides to mainstream from his all deaf school to the public school and is immediately befriended by a fellow outcast tech geek and together they solve the murder (thought to be accidental death) of a popular football player.  A. Kaplan BRI


Girl Stolen by April Henry

Cheyenne is blind and dying of phemonia when she is kidnapped.  Griffin is excited to prove to his father that he is ready to steal cars when he realizes there is a girl in the backseat.  A page turning story from two perspectives. A. Kaplan BRI


Girls Gone Green by Lynn Hirshfield
Want to learn about living an eco-friendly life or being an activist?  This book is for you, especially if you’re a girl.  Inspiring and practical.  Nonfiction. S. Fondiller IRV



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